Mr.Balloonatic's Balloon Gallery

Some of my balloon sculptures to keep you amused while my site is being rebuilt

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Bull Dog~0.JPG
Bull Dog442 viewsHere is a little balloon Dog11111
(5 votes)
Elmo316 viewsThis little red monster with the big nose is very popular with children and adults alike11111
(4 votes)
Baby292 viewsA little balloon baby, apparently the spitting image of Tommy from the rugrats11111
(4 votes)
Sponge Bob.JPG
Sponge Bob Square Pants408 viewsWho lives in a pineapple under the sea ... ummm ... he does ;)11111
(3 votes)
Shark416 viewsWatch out for this fish out of water11111
(3 votes)
Giraffe481 viewsThis is an attempt at creating a nubian giraffe11111
(3 votes)
Bull Dog - Side~0.JPG
Bull Dog431 viewsAnother view of the little balloon bull dog ... careful he might bite if you pet him there11111
(3 votes)
Urial522 viewsThis mountain goat is called an Urial, normally found at the top of the steepist mountains11111
(5 votes)
Pluto417 viewsThis dog belongs to Mickey Mouse and always seems to get upto some kind of mischief.11111
(3 votes)
Owl411 viewsTwit-ta-woo ... a little owl thats who11111
(3 votes)
Giraffe444 viewsThis is a slightly more cartoony giraffe11111
(3 votes)
Buzz Light Year1.JPG
Buzz Light Dudes373 viewsThis little buzz light dude was made for the intergalactic space ranger with the sun shades11111
(3 votes)
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