Mr.Balloonatic's Balloon Gallery

Some of my balloon sculptures to keep you amused while my site is being rebuilt

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Dora293 viewsA little parody of the famous explorer and her back pack Mr.FaceJul 29, 2006
Dora306 viewsThis little explorer is well known and well lovedJul 29, 2006
Chef325 viewsThis Swedish Cook is probably one of the most well known of the muppet charactersJul 29, 2006
Cat In The Hat~0.JPG
Cat in the Hat314 viewsCat in the Hat parody created for the Irish Premier of "Suessical the Musical"Jul 29, 2006
Cat In The Hat - Face~0.JPG
Cat in The Hat285 viewsA close up of the Cat in the Hat parody made for the Irish Premier of Suessical the MusicalJul 29, 2006
Buzz Light Year1.JPG
Buzz Light Dudes373 viewsThis little buzz light dude was made for the intergalactic space ranger with the sun shadesJul 29, 2006
Bugs Bunny347 viewsA first attempt at making Bugs BunnyJul 29, 2006
Bugs Bunny365 viewsA parody of that lovable carrot eating rabbitJul 29, 2006
Bob The Builder~0.JPG
Bob318 viewsCan I build it ... well I guess I did ;)Jul 29, 2006
Big Bird~0.JPG
Big Bird302 viewsA giant yellow canary, made to help raise money during Trinity's RAG weekJul 29, 2006
Bart (Skate Board)~0.JPG
Bart442 viewsAnother version of the yellow skatboarding balloon dudeJul 29, 2006
Bart - First.JPG
Bart297 viewsMy first attemp at creating this yellow skinned skateboarderJul 29, 2006
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