Mr.Balloonatic's Balloon Gallery

Some of my balloon sculptures to keep you amused while my site is being rebuilt

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Penguin441 viewsA Yellow Eyed PenguinJul 30, 2006
Pluto417 viewsThis dog belongs to Mickey Mouse and always seems to get upto some kind of mischief.Jul 30, 2006
Princess309 viewsA special birthday princess at a princess birthday partyJul 30, 2006
Python377 viewsEverybodies favourite snake ... Monty Python Jul 30, 2006
Nemo (2).JPG
Nemo367 viewsI found this little guy in with all my balloons ... this little fish is incredibly popular at all eventsJul 30, 2006
Nickoloon Heart.JPG
Heart383 viewsThis was a prototype I made using the Nicoloon heart sturcture for decorating the Powerscourt Centre for Saint Valentines DayJul 30, 2006
Nickoloon Heart with Cherub.JPG
Heart with Cherub484 viewsThis was a prototype I made using the Nicoloon heart sturcture and placed a cherub in the center of it for decorating gig the Powerscourt Centre for Saint Valentines dayJul 30, 2006
Odie325 viewsThis is John Arbuckle's pet dog ... for some reason Garfield can't get enough of mistreating this poor animalJul 30, 2006
Owl411 viewsTwit-ta-woo ... a little owl thats whoJul 30, 2006
Marvin -Front.JPG
Marvin the Martian328 viewsThis little balloon guy is right out of this world ;)Jul 30, 2006
Mickey Mouse.JPG
Mickey Mouse1357 viewsA parody of one of my favourite Disney cartoon charactersJul 30, 2006
Micky Mouse.JPG
Mickey and Minnie Mouse328 viewsThis little Mickey Mouse was created for a Minnie Mouse at a Trinity Zoological Society fancy dress ballJul 30, 2006
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