Mr.Balloonatic's Balloon Gallery

Some of my balloon sculptures to keep you amused while my site is being rebuilt

Last additions
Badger (Custom)~0.JPG
Badger543 viewsA balloon badger that was twisted up during Trinity's RAG WeekJul 29, 2006
Catterpillar558 viewsThis chap may well be a small insect but he has a ferocious appetiteJul 29, 2006
Dragon Fly - Side ~0.JPG
Dragonfly469 viewsA little dragonfly sitting on a potted fantasy flowerJul 29, 2006
Dachshund440 viewsA cute balloon sausage dogJul 29, 2006
Dachshund408 viewsA close up on the face of this cute little sausage dogJul 29, 2006
Anaconda443 viewsA little balloon anacondaJul 29, 2006
Bull Dog - Side~0.JPG
Bull Dog431 viewsAnother view of the little balloon bull dog ... careful he might bite if you pet him thereJul 29, 2006
Bull Dog~0.JPG
Bull Dog442 viewsHere is a little balloon DogJul 29, 2006
Bunny446 viewsThis little bunny rabbit was a part of a larger balloon sculpture Jul 29, 2006
Duck495 viewsHere is a little duck ... I'm a balloonatic not a quackJul 28, 2006
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